Martin Luther King — American Dreamer

Martin Luther King, Jr.Martin Luther King Jr. is an American hero. Each January, the nation pauses to remember his contribution to our society and his sacrificial effort for equality among all men. Though we have not come as far as he might have wished, the efforts of Dr. King have not been in vain.

The media will play over and over the "I Have a Dream" speech delivered by Dr. King. It stirs me every time I hear it. Why? Because of the simple concept that all of us need a dream. We need to reach beyond our grasp and trust God for that which might seem impossible.

I learned a long time ago that "the dream never dies, just the dreamer." You stop dreaming and settle for things as they are and soon your ministry will become mundane and ordinary.

We who minister must never allow the challenges, pressures and even failures to destroy our ability to dream.

What is your dream? Can you articulate it? Have you written it down? Have you shared it with those you trust? Dreams many times parallel our faith.

In Genesis 37:19, there is a simple but profound verse related to Joseph and the brothers who hated him. "Here comes the dreamer," they said, "Let's slay the dreamer, and then see what happens to his dream." Much of the world, and especially the evil one, would be delighted if you would give up on your dream. Don't do it! Embrace it and live it.

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Dr. H.B. London is the vice president of Pastoral Ministries for Focus on the Family and the author of numerous books on and for pastors. He served as a Nazarene pastor for over 30 years in several churches in Oregon and California. He and his wife, Beverley, live primarily in Colorado Springs, Colo., and have two sons and four grandchildren.