Answering God's Call

In response to God's call, our Pastoral Ministries team endeavors to impact and influence the African-American family with the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and to do so intentionally through relationships with the local pastor, the church and the community.

We highly encourage you to read The Heart of a Great Pastor to illuminate many of the issues you may be experiencing now in your ministry.

We are here to help you and stand beside you. If you need encouragement or an ear to listen, please contact our toll-free Pastoral Care Line at (877) 233-4455.

Available Articles

African-American Accomplishment

African-American accomplishment must continue, operating in its historic spirit of creativity, invention and strength.

The Amazing Journey of John Perkins (part 1)

In honor of Black History Month, we revisit a painful chapter in America's history — the era of southern racism — through the eyes of a man who endured it. John Perkins' story chronicles the horrors and the hope of a black man healed of his own hate by the Lord Jesus Christ.

The Amazing Journey of John Perkins (part 2)

In part 2, John Perkins begins a new life in California. Obsessively driven to succeed in a white man's world, John attains material goals, only to find that the pain of his emotional wounds is as real and raw as ever . . . until the day he walks into Bethlehem Christ Holiness Church.

The Amazing Journey of John Perkins (part 3)

John moves his family back to Mississippi, where he founds a child evangelism outreach and becomes a leader in the burgeoning civil rights movement — until enraged white supremacists hatch a plot to silence John's voice once and for all.

Black Church History

The Black Church is an integral part of Black culture and provides a foundation that generations have depended on to help them in the midst of trials and celebration.

Break the Barrier

It can be good to have boundaries in life and to protect yourself from harm, but sometimes boundaries need to be broken. Jackie Robinson found it necessary to break through a barrier. As a result, he changed the face of sports in America.

Daring to Dream Along with Martin Luther King

True integration is not an event or an occurrence.

Doing Life Together

I want to be successful, but how am I going to do it, and what does that mean? What do I want to do with my life, and how am I going to reach this vague goal?

Empowered by Color: Biographies of African Americans

There are many African Americans who have inspired, empowered and made contributions to our nation's history and helped to develop the tapestry and foundation of our future.

The Father of Black History

Carter Godwin Woodson earned the title "The Father of Negro History" by founding "Negro History Week" in 1926, which later became the nationally celebrated "Black History Month." Dr. Woodson realized that the contributions of Black Americans must be documented and taught or its achievements would be forgotten or claimed by other groups.

The First Lady of Civil Rights

Coretta Scott King, known as the "First Lady of Human and Civil Rights," passed away at the age of 78 on the evening of January 30, 2006, after suffering a serious stroke and heart attack in August, 2005.

Give Hope

God often turn mourning into joy. Isaiah is one of our greatest examples.

Hearing the Voice of God

When working with other people, especially those of another ethnic group, always remember to follow the principles set down in God's word.

Let the Children Come

Jesus loves children for the clarity of faith they carry toward him.

Married for Seventy Years

Not only do the Delamars testify to the goodness of what the Lord has done in their lives, they know and understand how dependent they are on Him, constantly focusing on dependence in Christ for life.

Martin Luther King — American Dreamer

We need to reach beyond our grasp and trust God for that which might seem impossible. We need to dream.

More Than a Dream

Every year, Andre Allen, the pastor of Second Baptist Church in Wheaton, Ill., travels to schools and churches in the greater Chicago area in an attempt to bring the message of Martin Luther King, Jr., to life. Allen’s rendition of Martin Luther King’s “I Have a Dream” speech is so realistic that if you closed your eyes, you’d almost think you were standing on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial in 1963. But his impassioned impersonation isn’t the only thing that resurrects dead words from the pages of a history book.

A Tribute to Rosa Parks: Mother of Civil Rights (1913-2005)

Rosa Parks died in her home in Detroit, Mich., Oct. 24, 2005, of natural causes. Her non-violent protest mobilized the black community, which helped end racial segregation in America.

Walking Together

I have been extremely blessed to have a mentor in my life. My former pastor did a tremendous job of nurturing me in the ministry. He counseled, prayed and shared his vision of ministry with me.