God Loves You — You Matter a Lot

Many years ago in my pastoral ministry, I began to use a phrase that I probably repeated in some way every Sunday in worship. It is: "God loves you as though you were the only one in the world to love and that makes you a very special person."

Although St. Augustine had a similar phrase, I think the Apostle John crystallized the thought when he said, "For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son." He was saying Jesus has come in person for you — as though there was only you!

That is a truth our people should hear over and over again. They are loved in a unique way by Almighty God. What a great message! If people could, as little children, embrace that truth, the Christian walk would come so much easier for them. When they struggle with that truth, faith always seems difficult.

What about you? Do you understand that God loves you as though you were the only pastor-teacher-leader in all the world to love? He loves you to that degree. He really does.

The battles you engage in are His battles. The circumstances you face are familiar to Him. The burdens you bear may be placed on His shoulders with His permission. The weapons formed against you are, in a real sense, formed against Him, and they will not prosper. You are a conqueror. Nothing will ever separate you from His love or care.

So often, under the pressure of our assignments, we feel we must "make it work" or else. Not so! Your church is God's church. Your call came not from man, but from God. He guides each step you take. Please do not ever forget that.

In fact, God has given us permission to call Him "Daddy" — to climb up in His lap and, like a little child, grow quiet in His loving embrace.

So many influences in the world would like to discourage us by getting us to believe we are simply "one in a billion." Don't ever believe that, my friend ... you are one that God loves as though you were the only one. God's love for you is the greatest love story ever written ... and it was written just for you.

Yes, God loves you. And I love you, too! If you can ever use the services or resources of our Pastoral Ministries department, please feel free to contact us. We want to stand alongside you in every way we can.

"How great is the love the Father has lavished upon us that we should be called the children of God — that is what we are!" (1 John 3:1)

Taken from Pastor to Pastor newsletter, Feb. 1993.
Article copyright © 1993, Focus on the Family.
All rights reserved. International copyright secured.

Dr. H.B. London is the vice president of Pastoral Ministries for Focus on the Family and the author of numerous books on and for pastors. He served as a Nazarene pastor for over 30 years in several churches in Oregon and California. He and his wife, Beverley, live primarily in Colorado Springs, Colo., and have two sons and four grandchildren.