In the Arms of God

Christmas is a reminder that often God does not seem to make sense. From the human perspective, it seems strange that God would need to allow Mary and Joseph to travel miles for taxation so close to the time of birth. Why would they come to a town totally incapable of caring for their basic need — rest? It just seems like the God of the universe could have planned the circumstances better.

Pastors and parishioners struggle with circumstances around the holiday season. How do we remember people and share gifts and attend all the functions when sometimes our hearts are breaking? What do we say to the person who weeps or grows bitter when the nostalgia of holiday festivities only reminds them of their own pain and loss?

This short resource is drawn from Dr. Dobson's powerful text, When God Doesn't Make Sense. Without engaging in the exchange of clichés, this book addresses those ringing questions that can be stirred up by the Christmas season. Be sure you do not simply lay the book on the coffee table as decoration. Even though it does look very attractive, I encourage you to read about the affirmation that "God is There" and reflect on "Growth through Trials" while embracing "Peace and Hope" in the midst of life's drama.

When you ask in your soul, "Why did God let this happen to me?" and you actually want an answer, this is an excellent resource to help guide your thoughts and reinforce your faith. Like the shepherds at Bethlehem, you will find joy in the discovery and be remembered that you shared the hope.

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