Appreciating Your Husband as Your Pastor

Tom & Georgia SawhookBeing a pastor's wife is a wonderful adventure, isn't it? I've been one now for over 26 years and continue to be blessed by the position and the responsibility that the Lord has given me in His plan.

Clergy Appreciation Month gives me pause to look at MY pastor ... my HUSBAND! Do I really give him the respect and honor that he deserves? Do I take the time to thank him for every message he prepares? Do I thank him for all those extra hours he has to work at the church to counsel and help a wayward member or a newly engaged couple about their upcoming marriage or the times he's had to leave the house because of someone's illness and/or death?

Or ... do I gripe about it?

  • "Do I have to be with the kids alone again tonight?"
  • "When ARE you coming home??? Dinner's getting cold!"
  • "It's your mother and dad that are visiting and I'm not going to entertain them all myself AGAIN!"

Sound familiar? If you've gotten into that type of rut, maybe you just need to reacquaint yourself with your dear hubby. Remember, he's got an awesome responsibility before the Lord to keep a charge over these sheep that the Lord has entrusted to him and he doesn't need to have any more added pressure than he already has.

Let your home be the haven that he needs and deserves. Welcome him with a big hug and kiss. Tell him you're praying for him (and make sure you do). Make his favorite meal and dessert for him at least once a week. Find someone to watch the children and have a night all alone. Pop popcorn, watch a movie together and look deep into his eyes and remember that wonderful young man you fell in love with.

It will jump start your 'starter,' that's for sure. And if it doesn't, ask your precious Savior to "jump start" your engine in that direction and start all over again.

Enjoy that wonderful gift that the Lord has given you and praise His name that He has chosen you both together to serve Him and minister for His glory!!

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In addition to her responsibilities as a pastor's wife at Fellowship Bible Church in Fairfield, Ohio, Georgia Sawhook hosts an outreach to other wives in ministry through her speaking engagements and her blog at Georgia's Kitchen and More, which also contains many recipes.
She has been a pastor's wife for over 31 years
and has seven children and 16 grandchildren.