Not Such a Bad Egg

My wife, Joyce, told me one time that she had a box on the shelf in the closet that I was not to look into. Now, that got my curiosity. Knowing that, she said, "Adrian, promise me you'll never look in that box."

Well, she happened to go shopping, and curiosity got the best of me. I opened the box, and in that box were three eggs and a vast amount of money. I was nonplussed.

When Joyce got home, I said, "Joyce, I'm sorry. I shouldn't have looked in that box, but I did. Curiosity just got the best of me. And it's worse now. I can't understand it. Three eggs and several thousand dollars? Where'd you get that?"

"Well, Adrian," she said, "we've been here at this church 22 years. Every time you preach a bad sermon, I put an egg in that box."

"Well," I said, "that's not so bad. Twenty-two years of sermons and just three eggs! But where'd you get all that money?"

She smiled and said, "Every time I get a dozen eggs, I sell them."

Article copyright © 1995, Adrian Rogers.
All rights reserved. International copyright secured.
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Adrian Rogers has been pastor of the 23,000-member Bellevue Baptist Church in Memphis, Tenn., for nearly 30 years. This story was taken from a message he delivered in 1995 at the
Conference of National Religious Broadcasters.