Revival Signs

(Vision House, 1995)

Many spiritual leaders disagree on whether revival is an immediate possibility. Revival demands preparation, yet the church seems unprepared to respond to a transforming movement of God. Prayer appears to be gaining a grassroots momentum, and a willingness to pray with intensity and integrity has been critical to past revival experiences. The current prayer movement in churches across the nation is an encouraging sign.

Our current culture seems to be in decline. Concern for that condition may humble Christians and even the general public enough to pray for help. Brokenness can bring a unity that allows us to pray fervently for God's intervention in our realities. The author notes that the only obstacle that could totally prevent a revival would be our unwillingness to receive a blessing God is ready to give.

Apathy, unbelief, unwillingness to know the heart of God, along with our self-centered attitudes of satisfaction with the status quo, are viewed as major obstacles to real revival. Revival will awake us to the action of God in our midst. Genuine awakening will produce measurable transformation. We will not be the same.

– EF

Revival Signs by Tom Phillips
was published by Vision House in 1995.