One of the greatest challenges faced by pastors today is that of balancing service to the church and devotion to the life and health of his or her family. Our staff has reviewed a number of resources on these topics. Note that some may no longer be available, but can probably be found at a public library, seminary library or from a colleague.

The Call to Love

Love is the basic and ultimate weapon to challenge the relational lies of our culture.

Counsel for Pastors' Wives

Based on fourteen letters of concern written by wives of pastors, this book could have been entitled, "Fourteen Frequently Asked Questions by Pastors' Wives."

False Intimacy
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Dr. Schaumburg points the reader away from false intimacy and toward that for which every human being longs: real intimacy.

Getting to the Other Side of Grief

The death of a spouse forever changes the life of the surviving partner.

In the Arms of God

Addressing those ringing questions that can be stirred up by the Christmas season can be challenging. Here are some ideas from Dr. James Dobson's When God Doesn't Make Sense.

Love for a Lifetime
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Dr. Dobson discusses the twelve "marriage killers" which work against marriages lasting a lifetime.

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If you need wisdom for navigating the gap between rest and exhaustion, the space between breathing freely and suffocating, Richard A. Swenson offers helpful advice.

The Overload Syndrome
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Every pastor has experienced the Overload Syndrome. Here are some great ideas for conquering the challenge.

Peacemaking for Families
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Many of us are plagued with conflict situations which sap energy and vision from effective ministry. Ken Sande offers both understanding and a plan for dealing with conflict.

Restoring the Fallen

A book to help you understand how to come alongside a fallen brother or sister to restore them fully to a life of fellowship with God, to wholeness in their family and to usefulness in the Christian community.

Revival Signs

Apathy, unbelief, unwillingness to know the heart of God, along with our self-centered attitudes of satisfaction with the status quo, are often the major obstacles to real revival.

Torn Asunder
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Statistics tell us that by age 40, 50-65% of husbands and 45-55% of wives have had an affair. The percentage may be lower for pastors and their wives, but the challenge is still there.