Contemporary pastors are caught in frightening spiritual and social tornadoes which are now raging through home, church, community and culture. No one knows where the next twister might touch down or what values the storms will destroy. ...

Something has to be done. Ministry hazards are choking the hope out of pastors' souls. They feel disenchanted, discouraged and often even outraged. ... Fatigue shows in their eyes. Worry slows their stride. And vagueness dulls their preaching. ... Overwork, low pay and desperation take a terrible toll as pastors struggle to make sense of crammed calendars, hectic homes, splintered dreams, starved intimacy and shriveled purpose. Many hold on by their fingernails, hoping to find a hidden spring to refresh their weary spirits and scrambled thoughts.

— H.B. London & Neil B. Wiseman,
Pastors at Risk, Chariot Victor Publishing, 1993

This Online Pastoral Care Directory has been compiled to serve as a map to the hidden springs mentioned above. Whether your immediate need is as simple as a book with ideas for improving the time spent with your kids or as crucial as the name and phone number of a caring, experienced counselor who can lend support as you maneuver through a crisis in your life, we pray that this list of resources will guide you to a solution.

Please note that, while we have taken great care in the analysis and selection of these ministries and resources, inclusion in this list does not necessarily constitute an endorsement of these products, individuals or organizations by Focus on the Family.

Pastoral Caregiving Ministries

Pastoral Caregiving Resources