Every pastor's family needs proven resources to encourage them along the way, to help them avoid the common pitfalls of ministry, or to guide through recovery from a crisis. Each of the products in this category offers valuable information that may be just right for you and your family! While we have taken great care in the evaluation and selection of these resources, Focus on the Family does not necessarily endorse the views that may be expressed by them. Note that several may now be out of print or no longer available. However, many of these may be found in a public or seminary library or from a colleague in ministry. Additional referrals may be available by calling our toll-free Pastoral Care Line at (877) 233-4455.

Affordable Family Vacations

Product Format: CD
Guests: Joanne Cleaver with James Dobson

The daughter of a Baptist minister offers practical suggestions for inexpensive family vacations, including where and when to go.

Budgets, Debt, Finances

Product Format: Audiocassette
Guests: Larry Burkett, Ron Blue, David Epstein, Ray Linder with H.B. London Jr.

In this edition of Pastor to Pastor, host H.B. London Jr. and his guests discuss some very practical aspects of money management, especially as it pertains to a pastor's limited income. (Click here for a full list of Pastor to Pastor titles.)
Available from Focus on the Family (PC02K)
Retail price: $10

Business Management in the Local Church

Author(s): David R. Pollock
Product Format: Book
Publisher/Copyright: Moody, 1995

Workbook to show how sound management principles can ensure Godly stewardship within your church.

Clergy Tax

Author(s): J. David Epstein
Product Format: Book
Publisher/Copyright: Regal

Believing that most ministers overpay their taxes, this manual was developed in cooperation with tax officials in the IRS national office and is designed to help safeguard ministers against IRS challenges and audits. Also available: Clergy Tax software from Parsons Technology.

Employed at Home

Product Format: Audiocassette
Guests: Donna Partow

A practical step-by-step guide for women who want to earn money at home or want to start a home-based enterprise.

A Guide to Family Budgeting

Author(s): Larry Burkett
Product Format: Booklet
Publisher/Copyright: Focus on the Family

Steps to financial freedom.

Miserly Moms

Author(s): Jonni McCoy
Product Format: Book
Publisher/Copyright: Bethany House, 2001

Miserly guidelines will help one save thousands of dollars a year on everything from groceries to electricity--as well as reveal the hidden costs of holding a job and common money wasters.

The Pastor's Money

Author(s): H.B. London Jr
Product Format: CD
Guests: Scott and Bethany Palmer, Raymond Mefford, Charlie Germany and David Epstein with H.B. London Jr.

Even with good stewardship, finances can be tight for a pastor's family. Join H.B. London Jr. and his guests on this edition of Pastor to Pastor as they delve into the topics of budgeting, retirement, taxes and the impact that finances can have on every aspect of life in the parsonage. (Click here for a full list of Pastor to Pastor titles.)
Available from Focus on the Family (F00083D)
Retail price: $10

Should I Get a Divorce? Things You Should Know Before You Call the Attorney

Author(s): Amy Desai, J.B.
Product Format: Booklet
Publisher/Copyright: Focus on the Family, 2006

Don't give up on your marriage until you read this booklet! Find useful tools to heal even the most damaged relationship and discover ramifications of divorce you may have never considered. Many marriages can be improved over time and this guide has a number of insights to make sure yours is one of them.
Available from Focus on the Family (F00701 T)
Retail price: $3.00

When Not to Borrow

Author(s): Ray Bowman with Eddy Hall
Product Format: Book
Publisher/Copyright: Baker, 1996

Explains how to avoid the common problems of indebtedness, institutionalism and inadequate giving. Provides 'reality check' worksheets for use in any church. Offers real-life examples of how to save untold dollars and keep churches focused on caring for people.

Wise Choices That Stretch Your Income

Author(s): Stephen and Amanda Sorenson
Product Format: Book
Publisher/Copyright: Worldbook

Solid suggestions for a family trying to live on a limited budget.

Working at Home

Author(s): Jay Levinson
Product Format: Booklet
Publisher/Copyright: Focus on the Family

Lists 25 ideas for home-based businesses that require little capital or special training. Examples include running a pet hotel, decorating cakes, sewing, making crafts, typing, repairing vinyl, providing an answering service and preparing hot meals.

Your Money Counts

Author(s): Howard Dayton
Product Format: Book
Publisher/Copyright: Crown Financial Ministries, 1996

A biblical guide to earning, spending, saving, investing, giving and getting out-of-debt.

The Zondervan Church and Nonprofit Organization Tax & Financial Guide

Author(s): Dan Busby
Product Format: Book
Publisher/Copyright: Zondervan

This reference guide offers tax and financial advice to churches and nonprofit organizations, dealing with issues such as financial accountability, receiving and maintaining tax-exempt status, accounting for charitable gifts and other critical topics.

The Zondervan Minister's Tax & Financial Guide

Author(s): Dan Busby
Product Format: Book
Publisher/Copyright: Zondervan

An easy-to-understand workbook that simplifies the tax code and offers dozens of tips to reduce your tax bill as a minister.