It is a privilege to honor those who provide spiritual care for all of the members of our armed forces. At Focus on the Family, we take pride in saying thank you to the men and women in the chaplaincy. It does not matter to us which branch of service you represent or your current duty station, we simply thank you for serving. We are also aware of the awesome responsibility you bear in ensuring that the religious needs of those placed in your care are met with humility and integrity.

With the high ops tempo, our goal is to support active duty, guard and reserve chaplains. You can connect with us through this Parsonage Web site or our toll-free Pastoral Care Crisis Line at (877) 233-4455. If you are interested in articles on parenting, marriage, ministry, etc., we hope you will give us permission to serve with you. Many of these can be found right here on the Parsonage, which emphasizes the personal and family life of those in ministry. Others of a more general nature can be found on the Family.org Web site listed here in the lefthand column.

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We care about you and the struggles you face. Just as Aaron and Hur held up the arms of Moses, we are here to support and encourage you and your family as you endeavor to serve others.


The Shepherd's Covenant for Pastors

The Shepherd's Covenant calls pastors to transcend "theological differences, denominational connections and local congregational constraints" in order to focus on a mission of grace in the context of mutual accountability. GRACE = Genuine accountability, Right relationships, A servant shepherd's heart, Constant safeguards, Embrace God intimately. (P00355B)

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