As an elder of the church, how do I approach the pastor with what I perceive as a problem of accountability?

Ideally it is best to first pray about the concern you are having with the pastor. Next it is of the utmost importance to practice the principles of Matthew 18:15-17. First, you should go to the pastor with a one-on-one meeting. Then, go with another elder if the pastor is not receptive. A probable next step if the concern remains unresolved is to bring concern to elder board.

Realize that there are many levels of accountability in one's life and ministry:

  • Spouse and family
  • Small support group
  • Elder board
  • Denominational supervisor

Every pastor needs to be accountable to someone. Our experience tells us that lack of accountability is one of the most common threads in much of pastor failure, i.e. sexual misconduct, burnout, etc. Areas of accountability should include such areas as: finances, use of time, personal relationship with God, morality, sexuality, honesty, integrity.