How do we know the proper guidelines regarding the expectations we should have for our pastor (i.e., proper pay and benefits, how much time for things like sabbaticals, how tight the accountability should be, etc.)?

Some suggestions are:

Most church denominations have written bylaws and manuals to use as guide lines when hiring a new pastor. If they don't have any of these the deacon board can be used or the church can form a committee. The foundation considering any pastor should be 1 Timothy 3:1-7.

A survey can be taken of the church board to determine a salary for the pastor as well as taking a consensus of pastor's salaries in similar churches within the community. The pastor should be allowed to take a sabbatical every five to seven years for six to 12 weeks to get refreshed, renewed and to stay in tune with God. Pastor Greg Asimakoupoulos from Crossroads Covenant Church in Concord, Calif., has also developed twelve ways to have a sabbatical in the midst of work. (See his article in the 1992 issue of Leadership journal).

The pastor can be held accountable to the board and should have a monthly board meeting, a yearly evaluation, periodical check ups (i.e., family members, wife and friends). He can also be held accountable by being a part of a support team, or support group, or another pastor.