Is it a sin to divorce a man who has been addicted to drugs for many years and refuses to get help?

We find two situations in scripture when divorce appears to be justified: (1) When one's mate is guilty of sexual immorality and is unwilling to repent and live faithfully with the marriage partner, and (2) when one of the mates is an unbeliever and willfully and permanently deserts the believing partner.

In cases of abuse or long-term illegal drug use, Dr. Dobson's principles in Love Must Be Tough may provide an appropriate response. Where the safety of the wife or her children is in question, she may need to live separate from her husband in an effort to get him to acknowledge and deal with his harmful behavior. When, and if, her husband admits that he has an abusive behavior pattern and promises to deal with it, negotiations can begin. A plan can be agreed upon that involves intensive Christian counseling and appropriate rehabilitation. She should not return home until the counselor concludes that she and her children will be safe, and that the husband is on the way to true recovery. Gradually, they can put their family and relationship back together.