The most shocking and relieving realization that most pastors and their families eventually encounter is that other pastoral families are going through the same or very similar experiences. You're not alone. Others are there right now. Still others have been there and made it through to the other side. Here are some questions that have been posed to our staff of current and former pastors, along with some answers that may set you on a journey of encouragement and discovery.


Help for my growing problem with Internet pornography?

How can I survive the stresses surrounding Christmas?

How do I deal with loss in my own life and in others?

How do I develop intimacy in the fishbowl world of the church?

How do I know if I am burned out or just tired?

Is it okay to have friends in church?

What can I do to enjoy the Christmas season?

What role should my dreams play in ministry and personal life?

Why is it so important to have accountability relationships?


How can I help my spouse through moral failure? (Part 1)

How can I help my spouse through moral failure? (Part 2)

Is it a sin to divorce a man who has been addicted to drugs for many years and refuses to get help?

What can I do if someone is flirting with my spouse?

What should I do if my spouse is addicted to pornography?


How can I provide leadership in a crisis?

How do I define boundaries in my ministry?

How do I develop balance as a bivocational pastor?

How do I find out about conferences and other encouragement?

How do I know if I am receiving adequate pay as a pastor?

How long is too long for a stay in the same pulpit?

What are some of the keys to lasting in ministry?

What can I do if I have lost my dream?

What should I expect in a Christian counselor used for referral?

Why are so many pastors leaving the ministry?


As an elder of the church, how do I approach the pastor?

How do we know the proper guidelines regarding our expectations?


What am I allowed to do politically as a pastor? What can we do as a church?