H.B. London Jr.
Vice President
Pastoral Ministries
Thank you for visiting us at this Internet home for ministers and their families. As a member of such a family, we hope your experience on this site will be meaningful and encouraging. We sincerely care about you and your entire family, and we want to be here to support you. That's why our Pastoral Ministries motto is
"Every Moses needs an Aaron"
(based on Exodus 17:12 -- also represented in our logo).

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Today's Spotlight Articles

Ministry Issues

The History of Church Seating

I've always believed that when Noah descended from the Ark, right after he kissed the ground and gave thanks, God handed him another set of plans for turning those spent boat planks into splintery, uncomfortable seats of holiness to be placed at all the sweltering hot outdoor summer revival meetings I attended as a child. The backs of my legs still bear the imprint of the wooden slats.

Family Issues

Let Your Kids Fail

A parent's job is NOT to make sure a child has a smooth or comfortable life. I believe kids should be allowed to experience the consequences of their decisions, but the stakes get higher as they get older.

Ministry Issues

A Social Concern Committee: Worth a Try?

A social concern committee can be of great assistance to any pastor in understanding and addressing cultural issues. It is like Nehemiah on the wall — a watchman on behalf of the church and the community it serves.