Even as he has become an international "pastor-to-pastors," H.B. London has been a prolific author. His insights are so accurate that pastors think he can read their minds and hearts.

The following is a complete list of his books. Note that several are now out of print or no longer available. However, many of these may be found in a public or seminary library or from a colleague in ministry.

Click here to request this bookPause, Recharge. Refresh:
Devotions to Energize a Pastor's Day-to-Day Ministry

(Tyndale, 2009)

In our fast-paced culture, pastors and their families face incredible pressures. Few people know the day-to-day decisions they face ... and even fewer take time to offer an uplifting word. Writing from his decades of ministry experience, H.B. London invites pastors into a personal dialogue, with affirmation and advice on countless topics. These 365 conversational devotions take only a few minutes to start each day with an encouraging story, a memorable quote and a passage from God's Word to ponder. There are also a handful of devotionals for special days of the year.

Hardback. Available from Focus on the Family (975576).

Click here to request this bookThe Heart of a Great Pastor:
How to Grow Strong and Thrive Wherever God Has Planted You

(Regal, 2006 – revised)

A great pastor is not measured by the size of the congregation, weekly attendance or the number of conversions each year. A great pastor is measured by a willingness to serve in any circumstance, even the most humble. Whether you are a veteran pastor wanting to take a fresh look at your ministry or a new pastor just starting out, you'll find help and inspiration here. The journey may be long and difficult, but God has a unique plan for you and your ministry. You'll discover strength in having a mentor, learn how to overcome obstacles and find yourself pushed to take risks. God wants your ministry to blossom — right where you've been planted!

Paperback. Available from Focus on the Family (742813).

Click here to request this bookThe Shepherd's Covenant for Pastors:
How G-R-A-C-E Can Transform Your Life

(Regal, 2005)

This book is about grace. Its theme is grace; its heartbeat is grace. It's about the role of grace in your life and ministry as a pastor and a person. It will equip you to maintain your commitment to live your life and ministry in authenticity and integrity. Make the pledge, sign the covenant — based on the acrostic G-R-A-C-E.

Hardcover. Available from Focus on the Family (737405).

Click here to request this bookFor Kids' Sake:
Winning the Tug-of-War for Future Generations

(Regal, 2004)

For Kid's Sake is a passionate presentation of what our society is producing in children with statistics, societal illustrations and hope-filled solutions, calling the reader to become what God has always called the Church to be: a change agent for the spiritually needy in every strata of society.

Paperback. Available from Focus on the Family (733558).

Click here to request this book Pastors at Greater Risk:
Real Help For Pastors From Pastors Who've Been There

(Regal, 2003)

Every new generation of pastors has its own minefield to tiptoe through and obstacles to overcome. Some of today's pastors take them pretty much in stride, but would welcome help from others in shouldering the load that's inherent to ministry. At the other end of the spectrum, we find pastors who are running on empty — out of gas, both emotionally and spiritually. The risks to your ministry, family and personal lives are confronted and conquered. Includes updated statistics and interviews with contemporary pastoral leaders with a special emphasis on today's issues — marriage issues, PKs, spiritual burnout, job turnover, pornography and sexual addiction, congregational turnover and more.

Paperback. Available from Focus on the Family (732373).

Becoming Your Favorite Church:
What the Church Can Do For God When Pastors, Lay Leaders and People Work Together

(Regal, 2002)

What would the church be able to do for God if pastors, lay leaders and people worked together? Here's a plan for involving every member in the ministry of the church and for promoting unity, health and vitality in the Body. The well-coordinated effort of coaching and teamwork is based on the way Jesus modeled the Church with his disciples. There are also 49 specific ways to love your pastor.

Paperback. Out of print, but possibly available through local bookstores or libraries.

Click here to request this book They Call Me Pastor:
How to Love the Ones You Lead

(Regal, 2000)

This book calls pastors to love, serve, care for their people, live as fervent followers of Christ, model the roles of a loving husband and devoted father, and show the sheep how to walk with the Shepherd. Touching, real-life stories portray lessons H.B. London learned as a pastor. Practical, pertinent, and easy-to-read text encourages pastors to rejoice in their calling and remember the privilege of loving the people God has placed in their care. Six sections cover topics that include:

  • The shepherd who loves and leaves a legacy
  • The counselor who cares and confronts
  • The leader who trusts through triumph and tragedy
  • The minister who loves at home
  • Partnership with the Father
  • The never-say-die pastor who impacts the third millennium

Paperback. Available from Focus on the Family (3900).

Click here to request this book Married to a Pastor:
How to Stay Happily Married in the Ministry

(Regal, 1999)

A celebration of the marriage of a pastor and his wife. Husbands and wives are encouraged to read it separately, highlighting sections that have meaning for them and making notes in the space provided, then allowing the spouse to read their comments and discuss them together. It includes insightful essays about their wives by the authors and other well-known pastors like Jack Hayford, Tony Evans, Dale Galloway, Tommy Barnett, John Maxwell, Leith Anderson, Ron Benefiel, Benjamin Reid, Ron Mehl and Rick Warren. The authors also address practical issues such as working wives, the importance of encouragement and affirming the pastor's ministry, inner beauty and grace, spiritual maturity, the changing role of pastor's wives, building support groups, stress and burnout, sexuality and intimacy, expectations, ministry myths, loneliness, finances, and being an individual.

Paperback. Available from Focus on the Family (72505).
Formerly published in hardback in 1995 by Victor as Married to a Pastor's Wife.

The Minister's Little Devotional Book

(Honor, 1997)

Ninety brief devotions designed especially for clergy. Each devotion contains a scripture verse, an inspirational quote and a brief meditation. Topics include courage, perseverance, priorities, goals, revival, mercy, leadership, vision, servanthood, attitude, consistency, fear, doubt, prayer, lordship, evangelism, compassion, greed, self-discipline, patience, family, integrity, failure, rest, commitment, faith, temptation, friendship, communication, depression, forgiveness and busyness.

Hardback. Out of print, but possibly available through local bookstores or libraries.

Click here to request this book Refresh, Renew, Revive:
How to Encourage Your Spirit, Strengthen Your Family, and Energize Your Ministry

(Focus on the Family, 1996)

A collection of essays taken from the Pastor to Pastor audio series, featuring the wisdom of John Trent, John Maxwell, Eugene Peterson, Dennis Rainey, Jerry Bridges, Kent Hughes, Gordon MacDonald, Os Guinness, George Barna and Archibald Hart. Topics addressed include temptation, infidelity, burnout, success, holiness, integrity, vision, marriage and family. Each chapter contains steps to achieving each of the goals set forth, in addition to words of challenge or encouragement to reach those goals.

Trade paperback. Available from Focus on the Family (94678).

Your Pastor Is an Endangered Species

(Victor, 1996)

Addresses the current crisis in pastoral ministry, describing areas of concern that pastors and their families face and offering strategies that lay leaders can employ to help them face these struggles. There are also suggestions for "49 Ways to Show Love to Your Pastor," which are ways to show encouragement, affirmation, and appreciation, renewal strategies for lay leaders, ways to help your pastor protect his or her time, and lessons in servanthood.

Hardcover. Out of print, but possibly available through local bookstores or libraries.

It Takes a Church Within a Village: God's Grand Design for Building Values and Character in Our Children

(Thomas Nelson, 1996)

Addresses the significant and unique responsibility the church has to meet the needs of children. The church teaches morality, virtue, honesty, faith in God and love of neighbor — values that cannot be effectively taught anywhere else within the community. And who is the church? All Christians make up the Body of Christ.

Hardback. Out of print, but possibly available through local bookstores or libraries.

The Heart of a Great Pastor:
How to Grow Strong and Thrive Wherever God Has Planted You

(Regal, 1994)

Written as a resource for helping both successful and disillusioned pastors refocus on the ultimate purpose for their ministries by helping them evaluate their own unique talents and calling in Christ. Offers detailed, practical ways to revitalize the spiritual relationship and find fulfillment for the ministry to which they were called. Ministers are encouraged to be diligent in working on their own spiritual growth, calling them to fellowship and accountability with other believers. The book also deals with topics such as strengthening marriage and family, integrity in ministry, infidelity, repentance, dealing with discouragement and burnout, working against humanism and for positive values in our culture, and commitment to revival. Each chapter ends with a "Contemporary Challenge" that encourages pastors to personalize the information presented.

Paperback. Out of print, but possibly available through local bookstores or libraries.
See the revised version of this book above.

Pastors at Risk

(Victor, 1993)

Believing that the survival of the Christian church depends on the spiritual vigor and devoted labors of pastors, the authors seek to stimulate personal renewal and spiritual restoration among the clergy. After presenting an overview of the risks ministers face in today's society, they suggest ways to deal with the expectations of others, the affects of ministry on one's marriage and family, and money problems. They also address how to recover from stress and burnout, the importance of maintaining a close relationship with God, and how lay leaders can strengthen the pastor. They conclude by proposing 12 steps pastors can take to overcome the risks of ministering in today's society:

  • Maintain a personal faith relationship with Jesus Christ
  • Be content with what you have so that lay leaders will be open to change
  • Order your priorities by following a clearly understood purpose
  • Remember God's abundant provisions can supply all of your needs
  • Try fresh approaches to meet new needs in the church
  • Concentrate on improving quality, then quantity will increase
  • Use plain speech and eternal truths to release the Gospel's life-changing power
  • Love your people
  • Pursue ministry about which you feel passionate
  • Make the purpose of your work to please God
  • Earn the right to lead, then dare to do it
  • Understand your environment and use that understanding to shape the details of your ministry

In addition to real life excerpts from dozens of pastors' and spouses' letters to FOF, this book offers interview encouragement and guidance from the following:

  • James C. Dobson on the current crises in pastoral ministry
  • Gordon and Gail MacDonald on ministry and marriage
  • Jerry Bridges on pursuing personal holiness
  • Ron Blue on money problems pastors face
  • Archibald Hart on stress and burnout
  • Linda Riley on the role of the pastor's wife

Hardcover. Out of print, but possibly available through local bookstores or libraries.