Click here to request a Shepherd's Covenant information packet Ministry today is more difficult than it has ever been. It seems that each day we hear of another colleague in ministry who has fallen into immorality, another who has burned out, another who has in some way weakened the credibility of those called to God's ministry. Why is this happening in record numbers today?

Perhaps amidst the hectic expectations that we encounter in "real" ministry, we lose sight of the commitments we made when we first accepted Christ as our Lord and Savior. Perhaps the standards by which we promised to live when we followed His call to be His ministers have been overshadowed by exhaustion or carelessness. Whatever the cause, we in ministry more and more are facing a crisis of integrity, righteousness and credibility.

What would it take for each of us in ministry to regain our focus and to recommit ourselves to a lifestyle pleasing to the Lord, to our congregations, to our families and to ourselves? Focus on the Family’s answer to that question is The Shepherd's Covenant ®, a simple concept that calls spiritual leaders to a new level of accountability and commitment to the call of God on their lives. What would it take? It would take G-R-A-C-E.

Click here to sign up now!Does this commitment sound attractive, intriguing or timely to you? If so, please request a Shepherd's Covenant packet using our online request form or call 1-800-A-FAMILY. Here's what would then follow:

  • You will receive the Shepherd's Covenant packet with a
    G-R-A-C-E covenant commitment card and several other items. You will need to sign the covenant card and return it to our offices in the enclosed envelope. (There are no charges or fees associated with this covenant.)
  • You will also receive in the covenant packet a lapel pin in the shape of the above logo to be worn as a reminder of your promise, a wallet-sized Shepherd's Covenant card and a guide leaflet that can assist you in announcing your commitment to your congregation.
  • You will then be asked to select a colleague to hold you accountable and who will, in turn, be accountable to you.
  • You will be expected to put into place any other safeguards that you need to stay true to your commitment.
  • Finally, you will soon begin receiving The Shepherd's Covenant Encourager e-newsletter from H.B. London Jr. each Monday. For more information, visit our E-Newsletter FAQ page.

Check out some samples of the weekly newsletter:

We are joined together by a common call of God to feed His sheep, but we are also tied by a common commitment to purity, holiness, righteousness and faithfulness. Our agreement to submit to the Shepherd's Covenant transcends theological differences, denominational connections and local congregational constraints. We are bound to one another by our calls and by the knowledge that one day the Great Shepherd will be the final Judge.

This is a commitment that will have eternal ramifications for the church of Jesus Christ ... and it all begins with you. Thank you for considering the Shepherd's Covenant.

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