What can I do if I have lost my dream for ministry?

A few years ago, Dale Galloway wrote a significant book entitled, Dream A New Dream. In this book, he shares the personal crisis out of which his life was dramatically changed forever. Yet, it was that very crisis that allowed him to minister to many people he would have never personally met if the book had not been written. A new dream was born. Dale has greatly impacted the contemporary Christian world.

H.B. London and Neil Wiseman quote a wise, older pastor in their book, The Heart of a Great Pastor, as saying that, "A pastor never achieves more than he dreams." If that is true, then it is important for us to shake off whatever keeps us from dreaming. We need to dust off our imagination and view life through the eyes of God. We serve the God of resurrection. Therefore, we should see that He brings life where there is death. We serve the God of creation. That means that He has purpose for our life and the power to achieve that purpose in us. If He can break through the stone of a tomb, He is a God who is able to bring life to the situation that seems impossibly dead.

We can nurture a dream back to vitality by a variety of methods.

  • One method is to visualize consistently at a specific time what it is that the Lord is calling us to see where we serve.
  • We also can hold ourselves accountable by journaling daily or weekly about what we have done on our part to accomplish the dream God has placed in us.
  • We can continue to read about the godly examples from the Scriptures that describe how God has worked in the lives of others.
  • We can begin to claim the promises of God as they apply to our lives.
  • We can allow our dreams to direct our ministries.

We must hold on to our dreams, act on our dreams and commit our hearts to follow our dreams. God achieves miracles through the lives of dreamers.