Why is it so important to have accountability relationships?

I sat across the table from a person who has served in ministry for several years, but has also struggled with a sexual addiction for most of that time. He observed how important it has been to have someone available to call to help with the healing process occurring in his life.

It is a sad fact that many pastors have virtually no one to call because they have no close friends. In fact, many of us as pastors have been warned against having close friends because of jealousy or betrayal.

When a crisis occurs, we must first turn to the Lord. But healing often comes in the form of strong personal friendships or accountability relationships with other people.

Accountabiity relationships are not:

  • replacements for our parents
  • meanspirited manipulators
  • controlling ogres
  • relentless observers

Accountability relationships are:

  • affirming without judgmentalism
  • able to ask tough questions in love
  • accept our strengths and weakness
  • allow us freedom while caring about our decisions

We need accountability relationships to help us evaluate our life experiences honestly. When we have accountability relationships, we are forced to face the reality of our world rather than avoiding it. In accountability relationships, we are affirmed and accepted while being allowed the freedom to develop honestly as a person.

We really do need accountability relationships. Prayerfully and carefully seek them.